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per NFPA 10 Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers


Our service technicians will recommend the best solution for you and your business at the time your extinguishers are due for hydrostatic testing. They will always try to inform the contact a year or two in advance verbally and/or document it on a sales invoice that certain extinguishers are due. In most instances, its always easier, and cheaper to replace the extinguisher with a brand new unit. In 12 years, technology can change and this is a chance to upgrade to the newest fire extinguisher. If the unit was to be hydrotested and fail this test, you will still need to pay for a new replacement unit and also the test. Any cylinder damage, excessive wear and tear from age, rust, improper use can cause an extinguisher to fail. EXAMPLE 1: Mfg Date 1996 (hydrostatic test date or replacement=2008) EXAMPLE 2: Mfg Date 1999 (hydrostatic test date or replacement=2011) NOTE: Fire Hoses have a 5yr Hydro Test date. Co2, and Halogenated Extinguishers are usually quite costly when purchased new and are recommended to be hydrostatically tested and recharged unless they are damaged.


Extinguisher prices can fluctuate due to market conditions and availability