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Our "Certification" Tags

& How To Read Them

Our Tags Are Approved By The Nevada State Fire Marshals Office. Red E Fire Is Also A Fully Licensed & Insured In Clark County, NV. All Of Our Service Technicians Have Current Certificate Of Registration Licenses As Well.

How to actually read a fire extinguisher tag in Nevada:


The Certification Tag Is ALWAYS Punched The Day Service / Inspection Was Performed (The Tag Will Be Hole Punched Indicating The Month, Day & Year).


The Date Punched Is NOT The Expiration Date, The Tag Is Valid & Up To Code For “1 Year” Following The Annual Service / Recharge / Inspection Of Any Fire Equipment.

The Certification Tag Will Also Help To Identify What Kind Of Fire Extinguisher You Have & What Type Of Services Were Performed On It.

The Nevada State Fire Marshals Office States, It Is Mandatory That ALL Portable Fire Extinguishers That Are Located Within A Registered Business Be Serviced / Inspected By A Fully Licensed & Certified NV State Fire Protection Company & Certified Technician ANNUALLY.

Here Are A Few Examples & Things You Should Know:

If your fire extinguisher tag is punched on May 4th, 2022 and todays date is July 13th, 2023 then your fire extinguisher is due for its annual service, meaning it is past due by 2 months and it will need to be re-serviced / inspected in order to get a new compliant NV state fire extinguisher certification tag.

If your fire extinguisher tag is punched on January 17th, 2023 and today is November 11th, 2023 then your fire extinguisher is still current and up to code and not due for an annual service until January 17th, 2024.


Please note: Just because a fire extinguisher has a tag that is current and up to code that it doesn’t mean the fire extinguisher is fully charged and functional… The yellow needle inside the gauge of the fire extinguisher should always display within the “Green” pie zone. If that yellow needle shows in any obvious area of the red zone then it needs to be recharged or in some cases replaced. Call for service immediately (702) 767-6851.

We hope this helped clarify any confusion or questions you had regarding the reading of fire extinguisher tags!